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Samsung’s New Phones to Have Flexible Screens in 2012

Right after announcing that it had beat Apple in the smartphone sales war, Samsung has publicized that its mobile devices will feature flexible screens in 2012. The company wants to implement the flexible screens in smartphones first before eventually expanding to tablets and other devices.

Flexible screens aren’t new to the tech world. Bendable AMOLED screens have been seen as early as 2004, and are almost sure to make an appearance at the annual CES show. However, none of these gadgets have ever been made available to consumers.

Nokia, which fell to third place in smartphone sales last quarter, is also throwing its hat in the ring. It premiered its flexible phone, the Nokia Kinectic, this past year at Nokia World. We’ll just have to wait and see who gets there first. This should definitely build some anticipation as we head into this year’s CES, which takes place at the very beginning of 2012.


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