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Robovie II: Shopping Made Easy for Seniors

For some seniors, a trip to the store is not exactly a walk in the park. Grabbing, lifting, and carrying goods might pose a problem for the brittle, the immobile, and the arthritic. In an attempt to solve these sorts of mobility obstacles, Japanese inventors designed The Robovie II, a robot that actually shops for you. Talk about senior friendliness!

Users provide the robot with a shopping list. The robot follows the user throughout the store, carrying goods and reminding the user of the content on the shopping list. In other words, the robot gets does our dirty work for us. For the next month, the Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International will be testing the robot at the Apita-Seikadai supermarket in Kyoto, Japan.

Robovie II Assists the Elderly in Supermarkets (Digital Trends)

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