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Retirement App is One of the First Apps Developed for Playbook

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Sun Life Financial, which focuses on retirement, investmenting and life insurance, has developed one of the first apps for Blackberry’s new tablet, the Playbook. Sun Life maintains that it  developed the first app for the Playbook. Blackberry wouldn’t confirm this, but noted that the company had developed one of the first apps.

The Sun Life app’s main function will allow people to wirelessly enroll in their corporate pension and retirement plans. Signing up for these plans via the Playbook would eliminate the messy paperwork, endless writing and dozens of questions that traditionally accompany retirement sign-ups. With the Playbook, enrollees could tap their information into the tablet during the enrollment events put on by Sun Life.

This process would likely be quicker and easier for many. Enrolling on the spot, according to Sun Life, would also mean that representatives would be available to answer any questions participants had – either about the plans or about the “paperless” paperwork.

While the app itself sounds useful, what’s even more interesting about this news is what it says about priorities. First off, RIM, Blackberry’s manufacturer, only selected a small number of companies to develop the Playbook’s initial app offerings. Clearly this means RIM saw some value in what Sun Life had to offer. Second, the fact that Sun Life was so eager to participate in this launch infers that it, too, felt its app could provide a useful service to both itself and the public.

And just what is that service, again? That’s right, retirement plans. Looks like seniors were vicariously at the center of the Playbook’s new app offerings.

The Playbook hasn’t been release yet, but when it is Sun Life will be there to premiere right alongside it.

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