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Report Bad Drivers with DriveMeCrazy iPhone App

Screen shot of DriveMeCrazy app

Nearly everyone has, at some point, encountered an aggressive driver that almost causes an accident. Now seniors can discourage such behavior with DriveMeCrazy, a new iPhone app that allows users to report bad drivers.

Philip Inghelbrecht, one of the creators of DriveMeCrazy, saw the need for such an app after theorizing that aggressive drivers act inappropriately because they can remain anonymous. DriveMeCrazy removes a degree of that anonymity by giving regular citizens the power to record an aggressive driver’s license plate number. They can then post details about their version of the encounter on Facebook and Twitter.

Inghelbrecht considers applications like DriveMeCrazy to be forms of crowdsourcing, or peer pressuring others into behaving appropriately under the threat of public scrutiny. The makers of DriveMeCrazy would love to one day take this app a step further by reporting this information to the DMV. While the DMV currently does not use DriveMeCrazy, Inghelbrecht is confident that it will be used in the near future.


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0 Responses to Report Bad Drivers with DriveMeCrazy iPhone App

  1. TheLIp March 2, 2011 at 10:55 am #

    I compare it to Hitler youth snitching on their parents, and promotes the idea of vigilante justice. After all police are trained to make judgments about drivers, most drivers are not and would react on an emotional level ( they perceive the person cut them off so they are driving bad).
    Since potential employers scan Facebook and Twitter this could cost someone a job and maybe they weren’t even driving their car that day. What if some mis-keys the license number.

    This is a scarlet letter type of approach. I hope this guy gets sued either by someone that gets identified as bad driver ( and loses out on a job) or by someone using the app and having an accident (you would not be distracted if you were not trying to get close enough to read a license plate number).

    This is a VERY BAD idea.

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