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Questioning Dietary Dogma: Do Eggs Cause Heart Disease?

Folk medical wisdom tells us that eggs are bad for our hearts. As egg yolk is filled with cholesterol, it was assumed that eating an egg in its entirety would raise blood cholesterol and consequently increase the risk of heart disease. This assumption was considered part of dietary dogma. This measure has become a particular concern for seniors, who are more prone to developing heart disease than the rest of the population.

A series of recent studies changes our assumption about eggs: eating about two a day does little to increase the risk of heart disease. In fact, eating eggs have certain benefits, like raising levels of good HGL cholesterol and improving retinal health. Eggs, of course, are also a great source of protein.

This is not to say that excessive egg consumption is for every aging adult though. Diabetics in particular need to limit the amount of eggs they eat. Studies show that for diabetics, more cholesterol does in fact lead to an increased risk of heart disease.

Bottom line: for most adults, it is a good idea to add eggs into the diet. But for those with diabetes, seek your sources of protein elsewhere.

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