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Protecting the Front of Your iPhone 4: The splash Masque Screen Protector Film Clear

Most of the chitchat regarding iPhone 4 accessories has revolved around cases. This makes sense, given that strapping a case around the unit solves the pesky reception problems. But let us not forget about the other side of the iPhone — the screen.

Protecting the screen is just as crucial for iPhone users, as a screen helps to ward off the scratches and wear and tear that can give your iPhone 4 a beat up, haggard look.

While there are plenty of screen protectors available for purchase, the splash Masque Screen Protector seem to be the premium option, especially for seniors. It is designed to perfectly fit and protect the iPhone screen, with the perfect level of thickness. It is not too thin (in which case it would be prone to scratches), nor is it too thick (in which case it would be difficult to effectively control the touch feature).

We have heard complaints that other screen protectors aren’t cut right and don’t line up with the front facing camera. This radically blurs the effectiveness of FaceTime. This is not a problem with the splash Masque Screen Protector Film Clear, as its cut is flawless. Additionally, installation is particularly straightforward — just put the sheet on the iPhone. It hugs the screen as a self-adhesive cover, which helps to minimize annoying air bubbles that pop up and blur the resolution on the screen.

The splash Masque Screen Protector Film Clear (Invisible) for iPhone 4 4G (3-Pack) is available through for the reasonable price of $10.85.

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