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Product Focus: Toshiba Libretto W105-L251

Overall Rating

Senior Friendly Features

Cool Factor


Senior Friendly Features

Quick Specs

Display Resolution: 
1024 x 600
Screen Size: 
7 - 8 in
OS Provided: 
Windows 7 Home Premium
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Senior Friendly Features: Screen [rating: 3.0], Keyboard [rating:2.5], Battery Life [ratings:2.5], Sound [rating:2.5], Cool Factor [rating:5.0]

Overview: Toshiba’s new Libretto netbook offers a dual touch screen, one of the screens works as a keyboard. Because it’s so unconventional, the keyboard attracts plenty of attention. That virtual keyboard, since it’s touch-screen based, can run multiple keyboard configurations. Though a touch screen doesn’t offer the tactile response of a physical keyboard, the Libretto offers haptic feedback (vibration when a key is touched) to give you a little feel for when you dpress a virtual key. The high-definition dual 7 inch screens offer sharp text, though small at the highest resolution. As pictured, it also offers portrait mode to view web pages, etc. vertically.

The Libretto is a limited edition laptop celebrating 25 years of portable technology from Toshiba, running a dual core 1.2 GHZ Intel Pentium U5400 processor, 2GB RAM and a 62GB SSD for storage. It comes standard with Windows 7 Premium. There’s a built-in mono speaker and a stereo headphone jack, as well as built-in bluetooth, and a 1 megapixel webcam.

Gripes from some users include low battery life and a loud fan that always runs, which may affect any audio, and small text at native resolutions.

All this geeky coolness doesn’t come cheap, it’s at the higher end of the laptop price scale, especially for only having a seven inch screen. Though it does have two of those screens, allowing for faster browsing and more workspace.

The Toshiba Libretto W105-L251 is available at

Price Range: High

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