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Senior Friendly Features

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10 oz - 10.9 oz

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11 oz - 12.9 oz

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25 x or more
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Sony HDR-XR150 120GB High Definition HDD Handycam Camcorder

Senior Friendly Features: Large LCD Screen [rating:3.5], Simple Interface [rating:4], Optical Image Stabilization [rating:4]

Overview: The Sony HDR-XR150 Camcorder is a great gift for both the dad with a chronic need to capture video and the dad who has yet to pick up a camcorder. This Sony model is a versatile entry-level HD camcorder, easy to use yet able to impress.

The LCD screen measure 2.7 inches diagonally, which is a solid size in order to properly display captured images in real time or playback previously shot footage. This relatively large screen can help provide a crutch for seniors with less than adequate eyesight. While a lot of seniors have shaky hands and might have difficulty holding the camcorder still, the HDR-XR150 comes with an optical image stabilizer to help you capture those ideal images. Additionally, the 25x zoom lens and the ability to capture 3-megapixel stills are also nice add-ons.

If dad’s muscle’s aren’t all that strong and he has trouble effortlessly lifting and maneuvering objects, no need to fear; this small Sony model, which weights a mere 10.6 ounces. Relatedly, the XR150 incorporates a 120 GB hard disk, which eliminates the need to always schlep around an SD card. It’s just nice to know that carrying around a camcorder doesn’t necessarily have to feel like lugging around a bag of bricks. Because the model is pretty small, we suggest that you shoot below eye-level, as opposed to the traditional method of holding the camera up to your eyes. It allows for a more comfortable, natural grip.

Lastly, we should mention that the interface is pretty intuitive and straightforward, exemplified by an easy-to-navigate touchscreen menu. If you think that your dad might get a kick out of filming his grandchild’s next birthday or just a camcorder to play around with in his free time, then the HDR-XR150 is a pretty darn good gift option.

Price Range: Medium

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