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Product Focus: Nikon D3100 (with 18-55mm lens)

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Senior Friendly Features

LCD size :

3 in or more

Image Stabilizer :


Quick Specs

LCD size: 
3 in or more
More than 12 megapixels
Digital Camera Type: 
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Senior Friendly Features: Large LCD Screen [rating:4.5], Easy to Feel Controls [rating:4.5], Easy to See Controls [ratings:4.5], Simplicity [rating:3.5], Image Stabilization [rating:4.5], Durable Design [rating:4]

Overview: The D3100 is Nikon’s successor to the D3000, and has slowly become a go-to camera for HD video (1080p at 24 fps)in addition to gorgeous, sharp photographs.

One of the handiest features of the D3100 is it’s “preview” feature. Without actually taking photos, you can preview what pictures would look like under different settings. Shutter speed and aperture are both easy to modify on the D3100 as with similar models.

The D3100 is very easy to use. In addition to a multitude of manual options, the automatic features are also exemplary. The 11-point autofocus feature makes sure everything is in its right place, and there’s even a step-by-step “Guide Mode” to help you get the pictures you want.

As with other cameras in its class/price range, the D3100 takes crisp High-Definition video with sound. You can also make edits of your clips in-camera by deleting certain scenes or saving specific frames as still images

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