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Product Focus: Logitech Z623 Three-Piece Speaker System

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The Logitech Z623 Speaker System is an amazing speaker set for the money. The set is made for use with a computer, or it can hook up to an iPod, iPad, iPhone or other MP3 player. The separate subwoofer with a 7″ speaker offers full, deep bass that can fill a room full of partygoers, or offer rich sound and more than enough power for watching movies on your computer. The sub has 130 watts of power, each of the satellite speakers have 35 watts. The control knobs are large and easy to operate and are located on the front of one of the satellite speakers.

There is a 3.5mm jack for input from the computer, and a 3.5mm miniplug jack for most headphones. Setting it up is simple, just plug in the power, plug in the source (computer, iPod, etc.) and turn up the volume. There is no remote for this system, but it’s so simple.

The system is THX Certified and is really a good value. That certification isn’t given to just any product, and these speakers sound great. To paraphrase a quote from Henry Ford, you can have these in any color you want, so long as you want black.

The Logitech Z623 can be found on

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