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Product Focus: Logitech Harmony One Universal Remote

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Do you hate using one remote for your TV, one for your home theater, one for your DVD/Blu-Ray player, and perhaps others? That coffee-table or couch arm covered with remotes is annoying, isn’t it? And invariably, you set one down somewhere else and can’t seem to find it right now, so you’re even more hampered in your relaxing time on the couch. Or your snacks are getting stale and the game is already on while you’re looking!

A universal remote is perfect to tame these problems. But not just any one will do, some have so many buttons and are so hard to program that you’ll gladly go back to the original pile of remotes.

Logitech’s Harmony One is a fully programmable, touch screen universal remote that allows you to control things with a combination of buttons and menus, making it less complicated to set up and use. There’s still a bit of setup, but overall, the menus make that work a lot more intuitive. The bright, 2.2″ full color touch screen LCD is easy to see and navigate.

They claim it’s compatible with over 225,000 different devices (and as many as 15 at a time), so unless you still have a top-loading VHS player from the 80s, chances are good that this will control your stuff. Yep, even small store brands! Much of the setup can be done via your Mac or PC with an online interface. It can even learn your old remotes by simply pointing them at the Harmony One.

You can even program in your favorite channels to instantly get to them. That’s a really cool feature in this age of 900+ channels.

There are optional adapters for controlling your Playstation 3 or even expanding your IR if you have devices hidden in cabinets or on other sides of the room.

There’s live support, a built-in help button, a dock for recharging batteries, too.

For more information or to purchase the Harmony One Universal Remote Control, visit

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