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Product Focus: Dots iPhone Gloves

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If you’re constantly using your smartphone this winter, your hands are probably constantly cold. Gloves and capacitive touch screens don’t mix. Or do they?

Enter the Dots iPhone Gloves. Available in many colors, made from Merino Lambswool, they’ll keep your hands toasty and let you keep calling, texting, playing Angry Birds, whatever you like to do with your iPhone, iPod, Android Phone, iPad… Whatever touch-screen device you like, they are fully compatible with any touch screen device. They have small pads on the tips of the the index finger, middle finger and thumb to actuate the screen accurately.

The lambswool is worked until it’s soft, so it’s very comfortable as well. They’re available in men’s and women’s sizes in Coal, Clay, Brick and Bark colors. The gloves are ambidextrous so you can always wear one and wear a warmer glove on the other hand.

They are hand or machine washable.

The price, MSRP of twenty bucks and actually selling for half of that will feel pretty comfortable on your wallet, and your fingers will love you for it.

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