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Product Focus: Canon Powershot S95 Digital Camera

Canon Powershot S95 Digital Camera

Canon’s S95 digital camera is essentially the Powershot G12, without the hotshoe on the top, the ability of the LCD to articulate, and the bulk. The 10.1 megapixel sensor is identical, even down to the ability to capture 720p HD video with stereo sound. The 3-inch LCD on the back is huge, at least as big as it can be on the camera. Big and bright.

Canon Powershot S95 rear view with large LCD

The S95 has amazing automatic features, controlling everything if you want it to. It can also be set on as much manual control as you want, allowing you to override the automatic controls and shoot with manual shutter speed, aperture, ISO and more. The built-in flash works well for dark situations or as a fill-in flash.

The S95′s f/2.0 (variable aperture) lens is actually faster than the one on the G12, giving it potentially better low-light performance. The modern sensor already has very low noise. There’s built-in Image Stabilization, Canon’s legendary IS. The 3.8x zoom starts at an equivalent 28mm.

There’s a USB port for easy transfer of your images and an HDMI port so you can view your videos directly on your HDTV. Storage uses optional SD/HC/XC cards. The “Creative Control Ring” on the front, surrounding the lens bezel, allows familiar control of your images. The menus have been set up to be easy and intuitive for all the controls.

For all these features, especially the manual controls, this is a pocket-sized camera that has everything. If you want a simple point-and-shoot camera that you can shoot in automatic only, this isn’t likely the camera for you. It’s overkill, like buying a Ferrari to go pick up your groceries at the local market.

For more information, or to purchase the Canon Powershot S95,

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