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Product Focus: Bose In-Ear IE2 Headphones

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Senior Friendly Features

Cables length :

4 ft or more

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Cables length: 
4 ft or more
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Bose always strives for the best possible reproduction of sound. They’ve improved their in-ear headphones to make a second generation version with even better quality sound, more comfortable earpieces, and even more durable design. The speakers have been designed to give a clear, true, distortion-free sound at all volume levels.

The silicone “Stay Hear” inserts come in a few different sizes in the package, along with original-style silicone inserts if you prefer those. The new “Stay Hear” versions have a little wing that presses snugly into the bowl of your ear to keep them in place. That’s a huge help for those of us that have trouble keeping conventional silicone inserts to stay in our ears, especially while exercising.

The cables are black and white, giving them a different look than most all white or all black headphones, and they’re also easier to find if you set them down.

Also included are a sleek, protective carrying case with room for a portable MP3 player. The plug fits most players, including iPod (all variations), it’s an analog 3.5mm plug (aka 1/8″ miniplug). The plug is angled to keep it out of your way and to fit into even recessed jacks.

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