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Product Focus: BlueAnt T1 Bluetooth Headset

Overall Rating

Senior Friendly Features

Cool Factor


Senior Friendly Features

Estimated battery life :

6 hour(s) - 6.9 hour(s)

Quick Specs

Estimated battery life: 
6 hour(s) - 6.9 hour(s)
Form Factors: 
In-ear ear-bud (with over-the-ear mount)
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The T1 is BlueAnt’s third foray into the headset world, and it looks to be the best one yet. The hallmark feature of this gadget is the voice controls, which now allow for wind noise resistance, the ability to announce caller names, and superior A2DP streaming which allows for superior audio quality. However, the T1 is not only feature friendly, it is also a durable device with silicon covers that make it resistant to dust and moisture. Users can utilize the T1 in almost any environment without worry of incurring damage.

However, the T1’s size could be its one flaw. The rugged nature of the T1 makes for a larger, bulkier, device. While this may not be a big deal to most, the bulkiness sacrifices some of the sleekness that was prominent in some of BlueAnt’s earlier headsets. The controls themselves are easy to find and use. As far as fit goes, the headset fits well on most users.

All in all, the T1 is a nice headset that should go well with most phones. Users should have no worries with this device.

Price Range: Medium

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