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Problems with iPads and iPhones using iOS 5.1

ios 5.1 iPad iPod iPhone problems issues reset mail upgrades corruption

ios 5.1 iPad iPod iPhone problems issues reset mail upgrades corruptionWe started having some issues with both iPads and iPhones after upgrading them to iOS 5.1. At first, we noticed the screen began to freeze. The, later, the keyboard would come up and wouldn’t go away. Then the worst thing imaginable happened. Email wasn’t working. Some emails wouldn’t open, Mail would freeze, and clicking on the Mail app icon would just send us back to the home screen.

You’d think a reboot would help, but it didn’t. Something was rotten in Denmark.

Mail wouldn’t show up, or worse, clicking on the Mail app would automatically revert back to the home screen. We weren’t sure why, either. Rebooting didn’t seem to help.

So off we went to the Apple store. The fine folks there weren’t hearing about this issue for the first time, instead it seems like it’s a known issue. Nobody will say officially that there are issues, but we were told that if there are any issues on any of the devices before upgrading from iOS 5 to 5.1, they can and will be amplified on iOS 5.1. It seems that even though the 5.1 upgrade fixed a lot of things, it seems to have exacerbated others. Since the OS depends on iCloud, and since the devices sync with iCloud regularly, any glitches or corruption caused by any of this is copied to iCloud.

The solution was to reset the machines and instead of syncing with iCloud, which will bring back any corruption, to restore with your Mac instead using a direct connection, turning off iCloud and Wi-Fi syncing. Set up the iPad or iPhone without backup first, then restore using iTunes. This will restore the device from the computer and make it more stable.

If you’re having issues like these, let us know. We are sure we aren’t unique little snowflakes in all of this. Let’s hear some stories of other problems you’ve had and maybe even solved on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.


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