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Power Tools for Building: The Ultimate Gadgets/Part One

Whether you’re building a treehouse, playhouse, fixing a door or satisfying a “honey-do” for your spouse, power tools are where it’s at. However, the efficiency of electric and gas powered tools comes with a higher level of risk and it is imperative to respect the tools you’re using and pay attention to the task you are performing at all times.


Using a jigsaw

The first thing to remember about power tools is that they are always dangerous. Even the most benign-seeming power tools can cause great harm if not operated properly. If there is electricity or gasoline involved, a conscientious builder never forgets that a lapse in attention can cause the loss of a finger or even a life. That being said, power tools can do jobs that would either be impossible or take a much longer time with hand tools. Most brands of power tools are very reliable, and have good warranties.


Handheld Jigsaw

A jigsaw is almost essential to any treehouse job. There will always be times when you’ll need to cut a rough opening in panel or plywood, either for a window or a door. A jigsaw can make quick work of the task. They are also good for more delicate cutouts. A small drill hole is all a jigsaw needs to start cutting an intricate shape.


Handheld Circular Saw

Even more important than a jigsaw, a circular saw is used to cut almost anything, studs to beams, stringers to stair treads. Because it’s used so much, a cordless circular is a good idea (although there may be a trade off with torque – cordless power tools are typically less powerful than their counterparts). Just make sure there are spare battery packs to ex-change when the power runs out.


Disc Grinder

Disc grinder’s are handy when it comes time to cut steel cable or grind excessive material off an object. And don’t forget the drill. A good power drill will be used to drill holes of all sizes and fasten screws, bolts, and brackets. It’s not a bad idea to have both a corded and un-corded drill on the jobsite.

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