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Online Game Review for Seniors: MSN’s Collapse!

What a thrilling game for seniors to play! Snooze, you lose. From the start, this game demands your attention to the colored squares appearing on the board. At first, you wonder what to do. Then, as you get your bearings, you realize you have to look for several similarly colored squares – at least three touching each other, and click them to make them disappear. As you see the squares pile up, you have to click them faster, until you click them all, or until an alarming sound tells you that it is time to go to the next level.

Time seems to stop as you are furiously trying to make squares disappear faster than they appear. The game is easy to understand and can be learned in minutes. It requires the ability to use a mouse, see color – and the colors are most certainly bright, and a desire to compete. When I took a break after 10 minutes of playing the game, it seemed as if the world was moving slower.

The game has many levels of difficulty for all skill sets and is a game all will enjoy. Easy to see, Easy to hear – sounds are loud and distinct, and tied to the actions you take, Easy to use, and Easy to understand – just make more squares disappear than appear by clicking large areas of color. Try it, I think you will like it, and so will your grandchildren.

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