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On the Horizon: A Touch-Sensitive iMac

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Senior Friendly Features

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All-in-one desktop system
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Apple Mac OS X Snow Leopard
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After leading touchscreen technology to new heights with the iPhone and the iPad, Apple might be looking to take touchscreen capabilities one step further. The company recently filed a patent application that shows a new touch-sensitive version of the iMac.

The screen itself will be adjustable, which will allow users to interact with the device from a variety of angles. Having the ability to move the screen from one angle to the next can help to minimize glare and maximize comfort.

Additionally, it appears as if users could use alternate back-and-forth between the touch-focused operating system that the iPad and the iPhone use and the traditional Mac desktop operating system. Moving between these options is a real treat for seniors: if one wants to to write a long e-mail, the traditional operating system is more effective. However, to scroll through a photo slideshow, it seems to be more efficient to use touch-screen capabilities.

While there is no guarantees that the touch-screen iMac will be available to the public anytime soon, CNET claims that “this one doesn’t seem that much of a stretch. ” Dell and Hewlett-Packard breathed new life into their own desktops by adding touch-screen capabilities. It only makes sense for Apple to do the same, as the iMac is lagging in popularity behind the iPhone and iPad. Endowing a new model with touch-screen capabilities is a real treat for senior Apple users who are looking to incorporate touchscreen capabilities with their desktop.

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