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NYT’s 10 Best Android Apps

Android users may be all too familiar with the problems associated with the operating system’s app search feature. In short, it can be incredibly hard to find the app you want because you’re weeding out the less-than-stellar ones. This problem may be compounded for seniors who love technology but lack the know-how to navigate through Android’s app library quickly.

The New York Times somewhat alleviates this problem through its list of the Top 10 Apps for the Android OS. Some of the most senior-friendly apps include Google Shopper, a free price comparison app, and Remotedroid, another free app that turns your mobile device into a fully-functional computer mouse.

Another good choice is Urbanspoon, a free app that locates nearby restaurants according to your specifications. Feel like moderately priced Italian? How about a high-end steakhouse? Enter whatever you’re in the mood for and Urbanspoon will provide choices and even directions.

Click here to read the rest of Times’ choices.

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