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NTSB Moves to Ban All Cell Phone Use While Driving

National Transportation Safety Board officials are recommending that all drivers be forbidden from talking on cell phones while driving. This would include the use of hands-free devices like Bluetooth.

The NTSB recently held a news conference in Washington where it called for the banishment of all talking, texting, status updating and browsing while behind the wheel. The board did say, however, that it would be okay with drivers using GPS systems or making calls in the case of an emergency.

While it encouraged Congress and legislatures to turn these recommendations into law, it also nudged the devices’ manufacturers to create a function that would disable phones while a vehicle was in motion. Only problem with that? The NTSB says these phones should still work in case of emergency.

At least one member of the Consumer Electronics Association spoke out against this suggestion, telling MSNBC there was no way the association could create a device that accommodated all those requirements.

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