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Nook Color Most Popular with Female Magazine Readers

The Nook Color has figured out who its top fans are: women who read women’s magazines. According to sales figures for both the Nook Color and e-magazines, it appears that consumers who enjoy reading magazines like Cosmopolitan, US Weekly, Women’s Health and Every Day with Rachael Ray, are the top Nook purchasers.

This news is only somewhat predictable. As many people assumed, relatively reasonably priced, easy-to-operate e-readers like the Nook are very popular with females. Whereas high-tech, multi-functional “cool” gadgets like the iPad 2 are more popular with men. These predictions are backed by data from Forrester Research, which shows that 55 percent of e-reader owners are women, while 56 percent of tablet owners are men.

The New York Times points out that Barnes & Noble is specifically marketing the Nook Color to females, as many of the company’s ads feature women lounging around and reading. Even the device’s guided tour, which can be found on the Barnes & Noble website, is led by a woman.

Seniors, what do you think? Are women more likely to buy e-readers while men seek out tablets? Or is this all a bunch of malarkey?

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