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Nintendo Unveils Inexpensive, 3D-Enabled Portable Gaming Device

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The new Nintendo 3DS, courtesy of Nintendo

Nintendo had a huge hit with its DS line, a series of handheld gaming devices that included the Nintendo DSi, Nintendo DS Lite and the Nintendo DSi LL. The main differences between the three consoles were their sizes.

The gaming giant’s newest iteration of the DS series, however, boasts a significant difference that sets it apart from the pack. It’s called the Nintendo 3DS – and it can show 3D graphics on its 3.53-inch widescreen LCD display.

Coming off of CES, it’s evident that glasses-free 3D is definitely the new trend, and Nintendo has made its mark with the Nintendo 3DS, which was unveiled yesterday. In addition to 3D gaming, Nintendo says the 3DS can also take 3D photos. The device contains two display screens, three cameras and a slider feature that lets gamers turn the 3D function on or off.

Early reviews of the system are mixed. Some are lauding the 3D effects that accompany many of Nintendo’s fighting games, while others note that its 3D capabilities compel you to physically move around even though the 3D function works best when standing still.

So far, none of ElderGadget’s favorite Nintendo DS games are available on the new 3DS system, which begins selling on March 27 for the extremely reasonable price of $250. That doesn’t mean 3D versions won’t be released, however, once the drop date approaches.

ElderGadget’s also been vocal about its support of Nintendo’s largest DS model, the DSi LL. This is mostly due to the DSi LL’s amplified size. The bigger stylus, screen and graphics make it more senior-friendly for those with poor eyesight or limited dexterity. We’ll let you know how the 3DS fares next to the DSi LL once we get our hands on it.


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