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NYT Implements Complicated ‘Paywall’ for Digital Content

The New York Times is apparently tired of Internet surfers and smartphone users reading its news for free. That’s why it recently decided to implement a complicated pay structure that will likely turn many consumers away from this trusted news source.

As of March 28, those of us who read the times via the web or The New York Times smartphone app will only be allowed to read 20 stories per month for free. If you’re a daily Times reader, this could spell bad news for you.

Those who subscribe to the physical newspaper will have full access to the Times’ online content. However, those non-subscribers will have to fork over $15 a month if we want to read the online content via the web and smartphone app, or $20 if we want to access it from the web and the iPad app. If you want to receive your news through the web, your smartphone and your iPad you’ll be paying a steep $35 per month.

We know times are tough, particularly in the newspaper industry, but there has to be a better way. We suspect that avid online news readers will simply visit a Times’ competitor to obtain their daily news. They will likely save their 20-story allotment for treasured weekly columns that you can’t find anywhere else.

While this may seem like a good compromise, it kind of feels like nobody wins: readers will have to decide when they really want to rely on the Times for their news, while the Times is unlikely to sign up a decent number of online subscribers.

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