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New Mood-Lifting iPhone Apps Great for Seniors

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At ElderGadget, we pride ourselves on our knowledge of iPhone apps for seniors. (As shown with our posts iPhone Apps for Seniors and More great iPhone apps for seniors). And so, it only seems natural that we are the first on the blogosphere to discuss the soon-to-be-released Healthful Apps. This program identifies the iPhone’s best apps for your health. As we all know, our health problems tend to increase as we age, which is why the ability to have an abundance of apps conveniently located in

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  1. Ryan February 26, 2011 at 9:43 pm #

    Another app you may want to look at is Obituary. Its probably not the most uplifting app to use, but I do know a lot of people read the obituaries in their free time, which is what the app makes it easy to do. Might like it might not, just a suggestion

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