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New Kindle Paperwhite

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7 oz - 7.9 oz

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7 oz - 7.9 oz
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If you love reading, you’ll love the Kindle Paperwhite. The newest version is double the resolution of the previous version, at 300ppi, an adjustable backlight (perfect for reading at night or in bright daylight). The new version also uses their new and exclusive, hand-designed font, Bookerly, to maximize readability.

The battery life is measured in WEEKS, not hours. There’s no glare and the screen provides enough contrast for literally any lighting condition. Whether you’re reading in bed, your living room or at the beach, it’s easy to read. It is also lighter in weight and easier to hold than a paperback book.

You can keep dozens of books at one time on the Kindle, as well as reading newspapers, blogs and more.

You can buy books, there are free books available on Amazon and other places, you can borrow ebooks from your library and you can even loan books to your friends.

They start at $119 for the Wi-Fi only version with special offers. Available at

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