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New Film Shows iPhones Don’t Like to Be Discarded

There have been a couple videos circulating online that spoof Siri, turning this innocent personal assistant into a cold-blooded killer. We have to admit, we’ve had our doubts about Siri’s loyalty too.

Sometimes she’ll gladly complete a task in no time flat. Other times we swear she understands what we’re saying but chooses to patronize us. Then there are the times when she’ll add her own commentary to our requests or questions. Those instances can be a bit spooky, as they’re so sporadic and, therefore, unexpected. Oftentimes they leave us double checking our phone to see if she really said that or if it was just our imagination.

While we may be questioning Siri’s loyalty, she’s certainly questioning ours as well, at least according to a new video. If the video is to be believed, Siri and her iPhone don’t take too kindly to being abandoned, sold or traded. As you’ll see, vengeance is thrust upon those who take her for granted. Sweet dreams…

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