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New Electric Car Drives 1,013 Miles on One Charge

A German car called “Boozer” has broken a record by driving 1,013 miles on a single electric charge. This means the car drove for a whopping 36 hours and 12 minutes before running out of steam.

Aside from the fact that it’s an electric vehicle, experts also attribute its longevity to its design. Boozer sports an aerodynamic shape, holds only one person and places the motors inside the wheel hubs. Talk about efficiency!

Part of Boozer’s efficiency might also be due to its low rate of speed. They saw slower speeds save gas – and Boozer tops out at 28 miles per hour. It also runs off 14 lithium-cobalt battery packs, which contain 23 kilowatt hours of battery capacity.

The previous record was set by the Japan Electric Vehicle Club, which drove one of its vehicles for 623.23 miles in 27.5 hours in 2010. We can’t imagine how these cars could change the automotive landscape. They could revolutionize the concept of road trips – if only they could go a little faster!


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