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New Amazon Fire Tablet for $50

Amazon Fire Tablet

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7 - 8 in
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Amazon is offering a new 7″ tablet for only $49.99. That’s the lowest price we’ve seen on a new, brand-name tablet.

Why would Amazon offer such a low price? Similar to Polaroid making cameras that cost the consumer no more than it cost the company to make them, they do it because they make their profits on the film. It is an Android tablet, but it runs a modified version of the Android OS that uses Amazon’s app store and content instead of Google’s Play store. Amazon banks on consumers buying a lot of content from them.

You can still surf the web, read ebooks and check mail traditionally. And you store your Amazon content on Amazon’s own cloud, for free. It’s a lesser version of the other Fire tablets, with an hour less battery life (7 hours instead of 8), a single speaker instead of DOLBY sound, only 8 GB of storage, 1024×600 at 171 ppi resolution instead of 1280×900. And “only” 802.11n Wi-Fi connectivity vs 801.11ac, though that only makes a difference when you have a router capable of that speed.

Overall, this is a killer deal if you plan on buying your content through Amazon. They have movies, books, television shows, apps and a lot more available.

The new Fire will be available September 30 via


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