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Necessity May Trump Desire for Seniors this Holiday Season

Picking out the perfect holidaygift can be stressful. There’s no doubt about that.. Luckily, getting a great gift for the seniors in your family may be a little easier than expected this year. That’s because a recent report by  KPLC 7 News demonstrates that seniors actually prefer to receive something they “need” over anything they simply “want.”

This is an interesting result, considering many of us purposely buy presents to make the giftee feel special. It may be a nice piece of jewelry, a framed photo or a gift certificate to a fancy restaurant. However, accoding to KPLC’s findings,  these gifts may make the recipient happy but don’t necessarily improve one’s day-to-day quality of life – and quality of life can be an essential considerationwhen buying presents for a senior.

There are a few ways you can easily hone in on which products may benefit the seniors in your life.Listen to your father or grandfather talk about what may be lacking in the house. Look at your mother’s or grandmother’s electronic devices to determine if anything is old and outdated. For example, many seniors still have at least one dated television in their homes. Perhaps an HDTV or 3D TV would be appreciated. Plus, the larger screen and clearer picture will reduce the amount of stress on the eyes, and make for a more pleasurable viewing experience.

If your grandfather is noticeably having some trouble walking, a new walker, cane or even a mobile scooter may be a welcomed gift. You’d be giving him the gift of mobility and independence. Note, however, that you have to use your own discretion to determine which gifts would and would not be appreciated by the seniors you know.

The reason for putting necessity over desire is two-fold. First, as we get older, day-to-day tasks become more difficult. Items that can make these tasks easier can be much more appreciated than non-essential gifts. Second, seniors are often on fixed incomes, and even necessities may be put off if they don’tfit within the budget.

Whatever your gift-giving strategy, thoughtfulness is the most important trait to have when thinking about seniors.

Click here to read KPLC’s story.

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