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My3D Goggles Turns iPhone, iPod into 3D Gaming System

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Hasbro's My3D Goggles

Nintendo has some competition in the 3D gaming realm. The toymaker Hasbro has entered the arena with a pair of 3D goggles that can turn a fourth-generation iPhone or iPod into an immersive 3D gaming system.

The set looks like an updated version of the View-Master, except instead of a colorful slideshow you’re greeted with a 3D gaming world. You simply insert your iPhone or iPod into the back of the goggles. The game is controlled by turning the device left or right. You can also tap on the iPhone’s or iPod’s screen to control the settings.

My3D Goggles costs $35. There are currently seven games apps available for it, including Bubble Bolt, Sector 17, Sharks,  Teleport LA, Tunnel Pilot, Shatterstorm and 360 Sharks.

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