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MSNBC’s List of the Most Dangerous Tech Products

Electronics have become a part of modern life, but that’s not always a good thing. Not only can these gadgets take up too much of our time, alienating us from fellow human beings, but some can also be downright dangerous, as MSNBC recently pointed out.

The news website just released its list of the five most dangerous gadgets that are typically found in the home. Though everyone should give a second glance to any of their personal gadgets that made the list, seniors should be extra mindful due to poor eyesight, hearing or an unsteady gait. Those with young grandkids will also want to take a little time out to examine how safe these products really are and whether there are alternative technologies available.

Below is a sample of MSNBC’s most dangerous tech products.

Button Cell Batteries – these circular cell batteries are inherently dangerous for seniors and children because they look deceptively similar to pills. Once again, seniors with poor eyesight could have a hard time distinguishing between these batteries and their normal pills if they’re stored in the same location. As for children, the coin-sized batteries will easily fit into their mouths, causing them to choke, suffer internal burns or even die from related poisoning.

Cell Phones – two words: driver distraction. We know we (and every other tech blog out there) have brought this up time and time again, but it’s for good reason. Texting or talking while driving – even if it’s hand’s free – kills almost three people a day in this country, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. It also impairs your abilities so dramatically that driving while using a cell phone can be the equivalent of driving with a .08 blood alcohol level.

Check out MSNBC’s full list for other tech dangers that may lurk around your home and car.

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