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More Great iPhone Apps for Seniors

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You might remember a story we posted a few months ago on iPhone applications for seniors. The post must have hit some sort of popularity chord because a number of our readers emailed us, asking us if we knew about any other relevant iPhone apps.

So we went out and looked for ‘em. The great thing about iPhone apps is their accessibility and innovation, the way in which they improve your life while you are on the go.  Remember, these applications aren’t made specifically with seniors in mind, but they are still equipped with relevant features that appeal to seniors.

So without further ado….

……(More) Great iPhone Applications for Seniors

Vision – Vision is a particularly useful application that can both test and help to preserve your eyesight. Through a series of exercises and games, like optical illusions, stereo-grams, and stereo pairs, enhancing the health and well being of your eyes can actually be an enjoyable experience that doesn’t involve a dreaded trip to the optometrist.

911 Help – 911 Help proves that there is no reason why you can’t use your iPhone as a safety device. When you turn your iPhone sideways, a flashy red and white 911/Help message shows up in an attempt to alert others that you need assistance. As the good folks at tell us, “this is an excellent way to get help after an auto accident or if others cannot hear you through windows or long distances.”

Brain Fit – We have discussed at length the brain game phenomenon
(here and here), and while not everyone thinks they are effective, Brain Fit is an addicting puzzles that will hopefully help to stimulate the mind. With Brain Fit, you have to place colored figures into rectangles. While this might sound easy enough, there are 90 different levels and three different difficulty categories. Consider it an endless challenge.

aSleep – While seniors happen to get less sleep than the rest of the population, that doesn’t mean they should feel content with such sub-par sleeps. That’s why aSleep is the perfect application for those that toss and turn at night. Turn on aSleep and you will hear the soothing sounds of ocean waves, beaches, waterfalls, showers, guitars, and pianos to name a few and hopefully in the process you can zone out and fall asleep.

iPharmacy – There is nothing particularly fancy about iPharmacy but we think it is one of the more useful applications available. Based on your current location, iPharmacy will find the nearest pharmacy. But it’s not just a GPS system; it also provides information on prescriptions, their side effects, and interactions with other drugs.

Pocket First Aid & CPR – If you are a sucker for “safety first” (and honestly who isn’t) then definitely look into Pocket First Aid & CPR. The app includes up-to-date emergency information from the American Heart Association, an overview (videos, articles, illustrations) of first aid procedures, and memory to store your personal medical information.

Feel free to e-mail us about any additional applications you think we should know about.


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