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Mii Avatars Reunite Wii, Owner

Can you see the similarities between Larry the Cable Guy and his Mii avatar?

It sounds a lot like the case of the stolen MacBook – an owner has been reunited with her Wii thanks to the gadget’s crime-fighting technology. Okay, this technology might not have been too “high-tech,” but the Mii avatars created on that Wii enabled the owner to successfully plead her case that it was, indeed, her Wii.

A woman from Jacksonville, Florida, had her television and Nintendo Wii stolen recently. The police were able to identify the TV as hers based on its serial number. However, the Wii had no identifying characteristics. No matter, the owner simply showed them the Mii avatars her family had creating on the device.

The police let her take it after noting the striking resemblance between the real-life and virtual reality families. Technology…is there anything it can’t do?

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