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Microsoft Made Its Own Version of Linux

Microsoft has developed its own version of Linux. It’s a “cross-platform modular operating system for data center networking built on Linux”. Don’t get excited about it being the next big thing from Microsoft, it isn’t for consumer use at all. It operates in Microsoft’s Azure cloud environment, and it’s aptly called Azure Cloud Switch. It is for running devices like switches, and for testing, debugging and fixing software bugs. It also allows them the flexibility to scale down the software and develop features that are required for their datacenter and networking needs.

Why did Microsoft use a version of Linux instead of their own operating system? Because they determined it was the best tool for the job. Kamala Subramaniam, Principal Architect of Azure Networking at Microsoft says it offers them the speed, cost-effectiveness and scalability they need for their cloud services.

Microsoft, under new CEO Satya Nadella, has been working with many other platforms for software. They recently developed a whole new suite of productivity software for iOS, announced when the iPad Pro was announced, as well as a plethora of software for Android. They are one of the top corporate contributors to Linux code, as well.

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