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Men: Don’t Buy Women Pink Gadgets

Apparently pink, whether used by gadget cos. or breast cancer organizations, turns women off

Roses and chocolates may be the requisite Valentine’s Day gifts for women, but those who prefer tech gifts this Feb. 14 don’t necessarily want them in pretty pink packages. A new report called “Women in Consumer Electronics” that was recently released by the Consumer Electronics Association notes the fairer sex actually responds less to ads and gadgets that are adorned in pink.

CEA doesn’t go into the logic behind the pink aversion, but does go so far as to say that this color bias even extends to breast cancer charities and awareness. Apparently the color can turn some off from donating to breast cancer causes or listening to an organization’s message.

This reporter completely agrees with the pink gadget trend. I’d just as soon get a pajamagram or Vermont teddy bear (both of which I find horrific) on Valentine’s Day than a pink gadget or case. I’ve personally never felt turned off by cancer-related organizations’ use of pink, however (maybe it’s subliminal?).


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