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MapQuest Reinvents Itself with a Number of Senior Friendly Features

Until 2008 was the ultimate destination for finding reliable directions online. But then Google decided to flex its navigation muscles with Google Maps and ever since it seems as if has taken a back seat in this virtual arms race. Yet, with a new user-friendly beta version, hopes to reclaim the top spot.

It is apparent that the developers went out of their to make the site a bit more intuitive. When you sign on, you are greeted with a large search box. Type in the preferred address or place of interest and you are good to go. This is a nice feature for seniors, who might have been a bit overwhelmed with the older layout, which was a bit foggy to navigate. Underneath you will find a directions option, which will help you get effectively from point A to point B.

Without a doubt, the new MapQuest empowers drivers. You can get look at live traffic updates, which will enable you to opt for alternative routes if need be. Also, you have the option to automatically search for gas stations, banks, post offices, and hospitals along the way. This is a definite plus for seniors, who can pre-plan their pit stops beforehand and not have to be constantly distracted, wondering how far it might be to get to the next gas station.

While the new MapQuest doesn’t necessarily compete with Google Maps in terms of walking, biking, or public transportation directions, it is truly a gem for the aging driver. – (

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