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Lose Something? It Might Be ‘Found In Town’

A startup out of Chicago is helping forgetful people find their lost gadgets. It’s called Found In Town, and this new website acts as a virtual lost-and-found box. The company’s creator said the idea for Found In Town came from the concept that many good Samaritans would return a lost gadget, but that they simply don’t know how to locate the owner or where to turn it in.

He cited taxi cabs as one of the best examples, noting 120,000 cell phones are left in cabs ever year. Once the next rider gets in, how should he go about locating the previous cash-paying customer if he finds a cell phone in the backseat? And does he trust the driver enough to turn the phone over to him?

Theoretically, it makes sense to turn the phone or other electronic over to the police. A building’s security officer, doorman or cashier are also attractive options if the device is found inside these establishments.

With Found In Town, however, the process of locating your lost device is made easy. You simply register with the website and it will issue you a serial number and a sheet of stickers you can place on your valuables. If someone stumbles upon your seemingly orphaned gadget, the sticker gives them instructions on how they can return it to you.

It’s then up to the Good Samaritan to determine how he wants to get the device back to the proper owner. He can take it home, naturally, but many people aren’t comfortable providing home addresses or meeting a stranger in person to hand over the device. That’s why he can also note on Found In Town that he left the device with Sal the bartender or Gary the doorman at such-and-such building.

Sounds like a good idea, though you still have to rely on the kindness (and honesty) of strangers.


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