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Looking for Love?

For Mel Sampat, founder of Cupidtino, it all started with an iPad. He had just received this revolutionary device last spring and was trying to get his girlfriend, a PC user, to get as excited about it as he was. But she didn’t care, according to the Silicon Valley Mercury News. To her, it was “just a toy.”

That got Sampat thinking that if he ever found himself single again the first question he’d want to know on a first date was what apps the girl had on her phone. Then he thought he couldn’t be the only one who thought this way.

So Sampat started Cupidtino, an online dating website for Apple fan boys and girls. In case the name is tripping you up, it’s a combination of Cupid, that oh-so-famous matchmaker, and Cupertino, the city that houses Apple’s headquarters. Apparently Sampat was onto something here. Just one day after he launched the site, it had 6,000 users signed up, according to the Mercury News.

One person interviewed by the paper said he loved the premise because he knew he could discuss his Mac for an hour with his online dating matches without fearing that his tech talk would alienate them. Users can even incorporate their love for Apple and its products into their profiles by answering questions like “I became a Mac when…”

While the site’s popularity is still growing, it is off to a good start. If you feel that you just can’t find love with a PC user, you may want to give Cupidtino a try.

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