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Light Affection Gives New Life to Old Memories

Framing your old photos from decades ago is an easy way to share memories with the younger generations. No matter how many photos you have, however, there is always that photo or two that holds a special place in your heart. They deserve more than the standard treatment, and Light Affection offers a great solution by creating a framed carving of your precious memories.

The process is simple: just mail in your old photograph and the people at Light Affection will carve and frame an etching of your photo, which will be illuminated by either a lamp light or nightlight.

The creation doesn’t look like much at first, but when you turn on the light the picture come to life. The combination of the photo’s etching angles and light give the artwork a clarity that will make the photo stand out above all others.

Light Affections come in several sizes and start at $44.95. Normal production time for one carving is two weeks. An expedited five-day service is available for an additional $10, while two-day urgent production costs an additional $25.

This could make a lovely, sentimental gift for the senior in your life.

Photo from Light Affection blog.


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