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Lenovo Creates Eye-Controlled Laptop

Lenovo has created a laptop that can track a person’s eye movements, therefore resulting in a more customized, convenient user experience. According to Fast Company, Lenovo’s innovative laptop utilizes a camera and an infrared light to track the reflections or light that glints off the eye’s surface.

Once the camera identifies your focal point it can zoom into whatever’s holding your attention, while dimming windows that you are not currently focused on. The laptop can also put itself into sleep mode when the camera fails to pick up your presence for a period of time.

This technology sounds very much like the touchscreen technology that is now used by Apple. Owners of iPhones and iPads know that a double click will enlarge a particular item, while a swipe will remove or minimize other items. These Apple devices will also dim before going to sleep when they haven’t been tapped in a while.

Lenovo’s eye-tracking technology would presumably operate the same way. It would simply replace the finger tap with an eye glance. This technology isn’t available yet, but it was showcased today at Germany’s CeBIT Global Conference.

An eye-controlled laptop could be wonderful for seniors who suffer from arthritis or muscle weakness. This could eliminate the need for clunky mouses, which can be difficult for some seniors to use, especially if the mouse isn’t ergonomically designed.

If Lenovo could integrate voice recognition software into this device it could be revolutionary for seniors who suffer from age-related maladies that range from general fatigue to strokes.

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