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LCD HDTVs to Be Discounted Just in Time for the Super Bowl

It appears the Super Bowl is one perfectly timed event when it comes to LCD TV purchases. That’s because stores must clear last year’s models before the new models debut in late February, and most are happy to use the Super Bowl as an added marketing ploy. I mean, whodoesn’t want to watch the big game on a brand-new high-definition, flat screen TV?

While many stores start offering last year’s models at 10 percent off in late January, this year consumers can expect to see prices slashed by 20 percent to 40 percent, according to DisplaySearch, a global market research firm. This is because the demand for LCD TVs has dropped significantly over the past few years.

These models were extremely popular when they first became household mainstays around 2006. The industry enjoyed steady sales for about three years before the market became saturated, at which point most homes that wanted an LCD TV had already purchased one.

Experts note that even holiday sales, which are typically manufacturers’ bread and butter, have been slow over the past two seasons.  The debut of 3DTVs and smart TVs may also be hurting the LCD market, experts note, as consumers wait to see how these lines evolve and which models take off.

Fortunately, what’s bad for the electronics companies is good for the consumer. This may be the perfect time to buy if you’re looking to upgrade one of your televisions – just make sure delivery and set up can be completed by Sunday!

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