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Kodak’s New Super 8 Camera

kodak-super8-camera-CES-2016 for seniors

Kodak announced a new Super 8 film camera at CES in Las Vegas.

Yes, you read that right. In the high-tech, digital world, Kodak just showed off their new Super 8 camera. Without using a time machine to do it.

This new camera takes traditional 50-foot Super 8 film cartridges. You insert them just like the old cameras. However, instead of a physical viewfinder, they include technology that lets you use a flip-out LCD screen to see what you’re shooting. You shoot your film, send it to Kodak to process it, and they not only process it, they scan it all and send you a link to download it as a digital file.


The camera design is beautiful and modern enough, but with some definite homage paid to Super 8 cameras we used to have. It uses either a fixed Ricoh 6mm or an optional 6-48mm zoom lens. It auto-detects the inserted film speed, records sound through the microphone in the handle, and charges via a USB port on the back.

You can select 9, 12, 18, 24 or 25 frames per second, and aperture and focus are both manual. It’s a dream for those who miss the analog world. If you love your vinyl records, this may be the camera for you. It is expected to be available in the fall, and won’t be a single product, but the first of many, with more cameras and post-production tools to be available down the road. A bold yet not surprising move from a company who has made its living selling film and processing.

Pricing hasn’t yet been announced. Film processing and scanning are expected to be $50-75 per roll, and the camera will fall somewhere into the $400-$750 range.

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