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Kindle Users Exempt from NYT Paywall

There’s been much talk surrounding the paywall the New York Times recently created for its online content. However, there is one group who won’t be weighing in on the heated matter: Kindle users. That’s because Amazon has worked out a deal that allows Kindle subscribers to bypass the paywall entirely.

This means that seniors who own a Kindle can read the New York Times for free as often as they like. However, those wishing to read the paper on their iPhones or iPads will have to pay a monthly fee of $25 or $35, respectively.

As we mentioned yesterday, the Times is allowing anyone to view up to 20 online stories for free before the paywall comes into play. Today we found out that there are a few other ways to view this content for little to no money. The Times is currently offering online, iPhone and iPad subscription plans for only 99 cents for the first four weeks.

The paper also noted that articles won’t count against that 20-month maximum if they’re accessed through a search engine, blogs or social networking sites. This means that you won’t be dinged if you click on a story posted by your friend on Facebook or Twitter. You’re also free to use the New York Times as a source of reference if one of its articles pops up in your search results.

It seems like the Times is trying to work with the public to establish a model that is mutually beneficial to the public and to the newspaper’s bottom line. While we don’t think we were too harsh yesterday in saying that this paywall strategy is a lose-lose situation, we’re happy to see the Times making an effort to accommodate readers.

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