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Duragadget Kindle Case

At $139, Amazon’s newest version of the Kindle, the Kindle Graphite,is a great gift for seniors thinking about jumping into the e-readermarket.

Many of you already know about the Kindle’s many benefits aside from its lower price. Its small size and light weight makes it easy to carry around, putting little stress on arthritic joints. The Kindle is also fairly low-tech compared to tablets, making it a great gateway gadget. Thus, the learning curve for this device is much smaller.

For seniors who already own a Kindle, there are many accessories that can make this device even more convenient and stylish. For example, Amazon created a leather cover with a built-in light. This not only keeps the Kindle protected, but adds a feature previously missing from the device – a light! The Duragadget case is another leather cover, but this one includes a built-in stand to hold the Kindle upright. At $23, the Duragadget is also one of the best-priced Kindle accessories on the market.

Other fun and useful Kindle accessories include an attachable LED light for nighttime reading and protective sleeve pouches. If you’re shopping for an older Kindle reader, check out CNET’s list of the top 15 Kindle accessories.

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