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Keep Your iPad, Kindle Clean at the Beach

It’s summertime, and the reading is easy – especially if you have a Kindle, iPad or other popular tablet or ereader. However, while many commercials feature hot-bodied models replacing their traditional paperbacks with ebooks as they bask in the warm sun, the combination of water and sand could be deadly for your device.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy a good beach read on your new toy. It merely means you need to take a free extra steps to ensure that your device doesn’t turn into the most expensive book you’ve ever purchased.

Thankfully, Popular Mechanics has thought about this quandary and provided some practical tips for getting the most out of your sunny days and electronic books. A few of them are below:

  • Keep the device locked in a water-proof or water-tight case. If all else fails, use a Ziploc bag
  • Be cautious when removing the device’s case once you’re back home. Sand particles could still be inside the case, which could scratch the screen
  • Shake or tap the device to remove lose sand that may be lodged in ports, speaker holes or between buttons
  • Use a soft-bristled brush or a canned air compressor if you need to clean out hard-to-reach places

Click here to read Popular Mechanics‘ full list.

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