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John’s Phone: The World’s Simplest Phone?

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The world's simplest cell phone?

Text. Music. Movies. Games. GPS navigation. Social networking. App stores. It seems that nowadays when we talk about mobile phones, the last thing that comes to mind is actually making a phone call. Oddly enough, however, this small but important cell phone function is the primary concern of John Doe Amsterdam, a Dutch company that specializes in minimal, simplistic cell phone designs.

The company’s latest creation is called John’s Phone, and it’s supposedly the world’s most basic mobile phone. If touchscreens, keyboards, and technical jargon like 3G or 4G don’t interest you, John’s Phone may be the cell you’re been looking for.

It doesn’t have any advanced features, but what it does have is a plethora of senior-friendly design strategies. First, it’s composed of high-quality plastic, which is also water-resistant – perfect for seniors who are clumsy or forgetful. Second, it’s shaped like a deck of playing cards, and weighs only 3.35 ounces – amazingly light for a cell phone.

The phone’s face sports only the bare essentials. These include large, easily identifiable number keys, as well as Send and End call buttons. The side of the phone contains a switch for earpiece volume, an On/Lock/Off switch and a Loud/Normal/Silent ringtone volume setting, which is accompanied by an added vibration alert in case you have trouble hearing.

Unfortunately, John’s Phone is so basic that’s there is no speakerphone function. It does, however, come with an earpiece and mic set for hands-free calling. There is also a small display on the top of the phone that indicates signal strength and battery power. It can also display a list of scrollable, recently dialed phone numbers.

The cell phone’s “address book”

When it comes to storing contact information, John’s Phone has taken the concept of “basic” to a whole new level. The back of the phone literally opens up to reveal a small paper address book and pen, which the company light-heartedly says can be used “even when your phone is switched off.”

Many older individuals still maintain and refer to physical address books, so this hidden compartment could prove useful. Another plus of a physical address book? You never have to worry that your contact information will disappear if the phone malfunctions! You do, however,    have the ability to program speed dials

Absolute simplicity is a rarity with today’s high-tech gadgets, particularly when it comes to cell phones.

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