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Is Cell Phone Radiation Dangerous for Seniors?


Whenever you use a cell phone, you emit electromagnetic radiation. When you place your cell phone close to your ear, the phone releases radio waves that are composed of radio frequency, a type of electromagnetic radiation.

The question that, therefore begs to be asked is: Is this radiation bad for you?

Cell phone radiation and senior health is definitely a complicated issue with no one,  straight-forward answer. While there may not be any definitive answer on the subject, there are some known facts. According to a Wayne State University study, cell phone radiation triggers insomnia, especially if you use the phone right before you go to sleep. This is an issue of concern specifically for seniors because they are, in general, naturally susceptible to insomnia and its symptoms. Cell phone usage may exacerbate irritability and problems associated with concentration and memory.

But when it comes to more serious issues like cancer, we should note that the jury is still out.

The FDA website states, “the available scientific evidence does not demonstrate any adverse health effects associated with the use of mobile phones.” This doesn’t necessarily mean that these phones are safe – but it also doesn’t mean that they’re dangerous to our health – it simply means that no link between mobile phones and ill health has been found so far, based on the data available today.

Even though there isn’t hard evidence that proves anything in either direction, we understand if you want to take the “better safe than sorry approach.” Don’t convince yourself that radiation is reason enough not to own a cellphone, however. It can be essential for seniors to have a cell phone in case of emergencies (as we explain here).

While we may not know for sure if cell phone radiation produces adverse effects on our health, there are a few things we can do to mitigate our exposure to it. Here are a few tips that will allow you to have a safe(r) cell phone experience:

-As the good folks at CNN explain, it is recommend that you purchase a headset for your cell phone because headsets emit a lower level of radiation. Not a Bluetooth, per se, because Bluetooths still emit a certain amount of radiation (lower than a cell phone but we are still unclear of its long-term effects), but a non-wireless headset. Check out the Plantronics Headset M175C, which works for both mobile and cordless phones.

– Courtesy of, here is a list of the 20 lowest radiation cell phones, and, conversely, a list of the highest radiation phones. While not all of the phones listed are elder-friendly due to ergonomic or ease of use reasons, there is one cell phone that is all-around elder-friendlySamsung SGH T229.

– In an article titled, “How to Minimize Cell Phone Exposure,” physicist Harry P. Schlanger notes that you can limit your exposure to radiation if you keep your phone calls to six minutes or less.

– Schlanger also advises those who don’t have cell phone headsets to hold the phone at least 20 to 30 centimeters from their bodies. The further the phone is, the lower the radiation impact.

Hope you find this information informative!


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