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iPhone Can Replace 23 Gadgets

We’ve always known that the iPhone is capable of doing many, many things. We just didn’t know how many until a blogger named Matthew Devost pointed out that this little device could replace 23 other gadgets!

Some of the gadgets the iPhone has replaced are obvious, like a calculator, camera, GPS system and iPod. Others, however, are less noticeable right away. Devost notes that the iPhone can also act as a police scanner, white noise machine and even gaming system.

Sure, these last three features may not be available on an iPhone straight out of the box, but a quick visit to the App Store can take care of that. And the best part? Oftentimes you don’t even have to spend a dime on these apps.

Click here to read Devost’s full list, plus which two gadgets he wishes the iPhone could replace.

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