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iPhone App for Seniors?


Last week, a free application from that enables iPhone and iPod touch users to perform home and business security monitoring from their respective portable device became available to download through the iTunes store. The free iPhone app connects customers to their personalized security systems from remote locations, allows them to watch real-time video footage, and record video clips that show events occurring in real time. also includes email and text message alerts whenever the security system detects an event.

We imagine that such an application could be developed and utilized to assist in monitoring a seniors well being and alert caregivers and adult children to any concerns that might arise. It’s not that far off of an idea; the iPhone already has a baby monitoring app.

Simply place the iPhone near your sleeping baby, and if it detects noise, it places a phone call to the number of your choice so you can then listen in for activity from your baby. One feature that makes this application exceptional is that the monitor has unlimited range. At this point, it only seems natural that someone would take the next step and help us monitor our beloved seniors while we are away.

Here are some other impressive iPhone apps which we feel would be very practical when it comes to offering assistance to seniors.

iPhone SugarTracker


The iPhone Sugar Tracker apps helps to track Diabetes. With this application you can monitor sugar/insulin levels. It even calculates report averages.

Iphone ICE (“In Case of Emergency”)


There are other similar iPhone applications out, such as EmergenKeyand Emergency Card, but we found ICE to be the most straight-forward. This app puts all pertinent info in one place — emergency contacts, allergies, medications, etc.


Kenkou helps you keep a record of your vital health stats. Essentials such as your blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar and weight can all be tracked. Kenkou helps you keep a record of your vital health stats. Essentials such as your blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar and weight can all be tracked.

Now if some computer programmer could just create a senior-specific app that combines all of these nifty functions…..


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3 Responses to iPhone App for Seniors?

  1. Tim Green June 2, 2009 at 2:45 pm #

    Please check out the features of EMS Alert, an ICE application for iPhones. More information can be found at, but it has an alert mode that would be very beneficial for seniors. I think you will find that none of the ICE programs currently available will offer the complete package like EMS Alert.

    Thank you,

  2. Andrew Carr December 15, 2009 at 5:40 pm #

    On the theme of apps for seniors, take a look at TapTell

    This is a single button, single feature app which stores the user’s own number in two separate fields and displays the number LARGE when the icon is tapped. The values are user-defined, so can be of any chosen format, and are set in “Settings” so they cannot be accidentally altered.

    The key benefit comes from placing the TapTell icon on the first home screen (top left corner) so it is almost instantly available – click the home button to reach the first home screen, then touch the TapTell icon. It’s always easily reached, even during a call.

    Rather than having to find their own entry in Contacts, users can easily speak or show their number in (hopefully) a way which will become almost automatic. They don’t need to worry about forgetting it, or not being able to find it.

    Look at the video on the website above to see how it works. A senior will probably benefit from someone to help configure the app in the first place, but once this is done, that’s one more task on the iPhone simplified.


    Andrew Carr


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